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Jean-Luc Lemieux

Asset Delivery Specialist


Creating content is only half the battle. How you distribute that content and how it appears to audiences is one of the most important factors in that content’s success. That’s where Jean-Luc Lemieux comes in. At Nova Reputation Management, asset delivery specialists ensure that the distribution strategy behind every piece of content maximizes its success. The role is also cross-functional. Asset delivery specialists package our deliverables, reports, and updates for clients to ensure they’re easy to understand and communicate progress.

Jean-Luc’s main role is video creation. He creates video assets for our parent company, Nadernejad Media. When it comes to delivering a video script, any of us could say it, but only Jean-Luc can say it best.

Jean-Luc has worked for the Canadian Government for the last 10 years and holds a Masters in Public Administration.

This video was created for our parent company, Nadernejad Media Inc. 


Video Presentation100%
Marketing Analytics85%
Research and Big Data70%

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