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JCurve Shopify App

Online Reputation Management and Content Creation

Learn how Nova Reputation management, deployed under Nadernejad Media Inc. worked with a bestselling Shopify app to boost reputation and increase sales and conversions. 

Project Detail

For our JCurve campaign, we were able to tap into digital course content owned by our parent company, Nadernejad Media Inc. to push the JCurve Shopify app at the beginning of a Shopify dropshipping course with over 1,000 active students. This meant that students already taking the course would be recommended the free trial of the JCurve Shopify App immediately after by their own instructor. 

Our CEO, Nader Nadernejad also created video assets for JCurve and published them on his social platforms, gaining well over 200,000 targeted impressions and driving qualified traffic to download the JCurve app. We ran a targeted advertising campaign and used the videos created as evergreen content. 

JCurve allows users to turn their Shopify stores into an AI-driven mobile application in just 10 seconds. 



After our work driving traffic and executing on an external communications plan, positive reviews flowed naturally and JCurve gained momentum. We did not have to execute on a long-term reputation campaign or provide further online reputation management services beyond the initial stages. 

Impressive Results

This short campaign with JCurve resulted in targeted clicks to the website each month even after the end of the campaign. Targeted impressions were generated through Facebook and Instagram through both organic and paid methods, and the conversion rate was boosted by positive reviews and structural changes to the website made by JCurve after the reviews were acquired. 

Generated an Additional 200 - 300 Targeted Clicks Per Month

Acquired 200K+ Targeted Impressions

Our Creative Resulted in a 25%+ Increase on Conversions