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iTutorGroup and TutorABC

Online Reputation Management

Project Detail

In 2017, Nova Reputation Management under parent company Nadernejad Media Inc. began an online reputation management campaign with iTutorGroup ahead of its landmark series C financing, valuing the company at over $1 billion. 

iTutorGroup was featured on Bloomberg, seeking a $2 billion valuation ahead of its IPO launch.

Key challenges: Active review management and shaping new positive dialogue about the brand on social channels. 

Project DateJuly 2017


Nova Reputation Management gauged employee satisfaction score and initiated a targeted communications plan to solicit positive reviews, improving the overall Glassdoor review score of iTutorGroup, which was at the time, the first ranking web asset on search engine results pages in Canada and the U.S. 


Nova Reputation Management solicited positive testimonials for iTutorGroup and set up brand alerts on Google and social channels to monitor conversation about the brand. These tactics resulted in an influx of positive reviews on Glassdoor, a primary ranking web asset that was receiving the highest volume of traffic from talent and stakeholders. 

By increasing the overall review score of the iTutorGroup brand and elevating the CEO approval score on Glassdoor, iTutorGroup was able to position itself as one of the world’s favourite companies to teach at online. Nova Reputation under Nadernejad Media Inc. was able to use this as a springboard to solicit video testimonials and generate newsworthy features online for iTutorGroup.


With an improved online presence and a growing positive rapport among employees and future hires, iTutorGroup experienced the benefit of a targeted internal and external communications plan aimed at influencing stakeholders, recruiting top talent, and positioning itself to raise additional capital. 

12% Increase in CEO Approval Rating

50%+ Increase in 5-Star Glassdoor Employee Reviews

23% Increase in Overall Glassdoor Review Score